ISSN: 2521 - 0068 (Online)

Scope and Objectives:

International Journal of Business Studies Review (IJBSR) is a biannual journal which provides an interactive space to the community of international researchers in business studies to share and benefit from global research. The journal is aimed at promoting and strengthening research in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. Particularly, this journal welcome research which addresses the emerging issues in these fields and benefit the stakeholders in real sense.


IJBSR aims at the creation, dissemination of knowledge, emphasized by the essence of innovative research works. The major aim of IJBSR is to promote awareness and compatibility among scholars, academicians, and other stakeholders.


To provide a distinguished publication platform to quality international research

 Guidelines for Paper Submission

For submitting research articles to IJBSR, authors are required to follow these guidelines.

  1. The research Papers should be typed in ‘Times New Roman’ style, with font size 12, line spacing of 1.5 and 65 margins (left & right) and 1 on top and bottom. Maximum three levels of heading can be used and all the text should be ‘justified’. Maximum words count must not exceed 7000.
  2. Most important tables, figures, and graphs need to be placed in the main text, while others can be appendices (if space allows). These should be properly referred.
  3. Citations and end references should be in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) latest edition style.
  4. The research article must not have been submitted previously for publication or has not been published in any format in any journal, conference proceeding or anywhere else. Also, this must not be under consideration for publication as mentioned.
  5. The research article should be submitted as ‘Microsoft Word document file’.

 Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

All authors are requested to follow these guidelines, while preparing their research for submission to IJBSR.

  1. Cover Page: It should include the title of research articles, name and affiliation of the author(s) and contact information (email, phone number) of the corresponding author. The name of the corresponding author must be mentioned explicitly (e.g. as staric or superscript). The cover page should not be numbered.
  2. Abstract: An abstract should be specific to nature and objective of the research, main methodology, major findings & contribution and conclusion. The abstract should be limited to 150 words, including 3-4 key words
  3. Main body: This should contain an introduction, relevant literature, methodology, context, findings, and discussion and conclusion. Include the tables and figure in the main body wherever very much necessary. The main body must be cited wherever necessary.
  4. Reference list: All the citations used must be included in the reference list in the latest APA format

 Guidelines for Reviewers

IJBSR is a peer review journal and follows a double blinded review process. In the review process, we strictly adhere to the principles of confidentiality. The criteria for the acceptance or rejection of a research article is based on the ‘quality and originality’ of research. We request our respectable reviewers to look for the actual contribution towards knowledge creation and practical implication while judging the worth of research. We expect the review process to be completed and communicated within two months